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Shelburne School Vegetable Garden

Shelburne School Vegetable Garden

We love when we get a call to do a school garden. One of the main reasons we started LandKind is to help people - especially kids - reconnect with nature and know where their food comes from. It is so important for kids to form a relationship with the outdoors early in life, not only will it help them be respectful to nature and be sustainable, but it also helps them eat their greens!

This garden is a 4’ x 8’ x 8” raised cedar bed. We installed 3 tripod trellises for the tomatoes, cucumbers and the green beans. There is also a wood step in the middle for easy access for the kiddos tiny feet.

We pre-made the box filled it with soil and sectioned off each square foot prior to the kids coming down to join us. When the kids came down they each took a plant or seed pack and started planting! We made a planting plan, as it is important to follow because of companion planting, heights, pests etc.

It is important to use this time to offer a lesson. We will teach the kids how to plant properly, where to plant, how to take care of the plants, when to harvest, and what they can do with their harvest. We also provide worksheets so the kids can keep track of their observations.

In this particular case, the teacher has assigned 2 kids per day to come down and water the garden each morning. Over the summer, the day care that takes over the school will take care of the garden, alongside parent volunteers from the school with their kids. Both will split the harvest.

If you’re interested in starting a vegetable garden at your school (or home, office, senior residence, etc), contact us today. All of our gardens and plans are custom. Let’s chat!