Educational Programs

Grow in the community, have a positive impact on the environment, be healthy, and gain knowledge about growing food.

We’ve created educational programs that promote connection to food, sustainability, a stronger economy, a healthy environment, reduced pollution, and improved health.

Programs all come with custom raised cedar vegetable boxes, set up and installation, weekly teachings and visits, and planting parties. Any program can be fully customizable and is suited to every need! Our goal is to connect children, adults, and seniors with nature one plant at a time!

Who We Serve

We believe edible and non-edible gardens are something that everyone should have access too, that’s why all, of our services, are open to anyone! At home. At work. At school. Or anywhere you want to be surrounded with green goodness.

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This program engages employees and fosters team-building, increased productivity, stress reduction, healthy eating, and self-confidence. Giving your staff a bit of the outdoors promotes mental and physical well-being and reduces sick/stress days which lowers health benefit costs.

Our customized program could be the start of a very cool corporate culture for your organization. One that takes care of their own and one that could care for the community by donating the food grown at the office, to a local food bank.

LandKind professionals will design and install the perfect vegetable garden for your space (ground or rooftop), maintain and ensure successful crops with weekly visits, and teach you and your employees how to enjoy their new vegetable garden.


This program teaches life-long skills with hands-on education on mini-farming and nutrition. Getting kids outside to learn with their hands not only appeals to all learning types, but it also promotes confidence, inclusion, and teamwork. During the colder months, these skills will be transferred indoors where the children will learn different topics and perspectives and opportunities to learn about other subjects on growing food and sustainability.

Our program is comprehensive and contains growing food from start to finish: site selection, seed starting, weeding, crop planning, pests, harvesting, watering, composting, and cooking and nutrition. We offer summer programs for daycare and summer schools. And we offer full year programs for every grade of public and private schools. This program is fun and engaging and will leave children asking when they can pick more green beans!

The food grown can be sold at local farmer’s markets (taking advantage of another teachable subject: business and marketing), given to teachers, students, and parents to take home, or donated to local food banks.


Keeping a garden has many seniors busy each year, but as soon as they move into a retirement facility, it gets thrown to the curb. Most seniors love gardening as it brings them back to their younger self. We believe that creating a community garden in each senior center and health care facility will give seniors the opportunity to feel empowered, make new friends, learn new skills, as well as enhance the five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. This program can also be altered to help those with mild dementia.

LandKind professionals will design and install the perfect vegetable garden for your space (ground or rooftop) based on the physical and cognitive needs of the residents. We will maintain and ensure successful crops with weekly visits, and teach residents how to enjoy their new vegetable garden.

The produce grown can be used in onsite and given right back to the gardeners themselves in their daily meals. It can also be used in the restaurant or cafeteria, creating healthy and local menu options.