Urban Agriculture

We believe that through the design and installation of edible gardens, we can create sustainable and livable communities.

Our urban agriculture services extend to all sectors because we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of growing food close to where they live or work or play. LandKind Inc. helps create these edible gardens through designed landscapes, custom designed and built raised cedar beds, food system planning, and educational programs. We’ll show you just how easy it is to be a contributing member of a healthy and sustainable society.

Today, most food travels 2000 km before getting to the table, but before this current age of convenience, most people had farm lots next to their homes providing them with plentiful, nutritious, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to feed their family and community. Appropriately and productively designed edible gardens and food systems today, can once again connect people to the outdoors in a way that will build community, promote sustainability, strengthen economies, heal the environment, reduce pollution, create healthy attitude toward food, and improve health.

Who We Serve

We believe edible and non-edible gardens are something that everyone should have access too, that’s why all, of our services, are open to anyone! At home. At work. At school. Or anywhere you want to be surrounded with green goodness

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